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        Like fine wine, the ingredients that come together to create Just Off Melrose products are aged each to its specific perfection.


        Grana Padano, revered as one of the world’s greatest cheeses, brings the signature flavor to the award winning Caesar Crisps. Since the fourteenth century generation after generation of Italian cheesemakers have given birth to the Grana Padano, a cheese so flavorful it takes up to twenty-four months to age to perfection. The Consorzio del Formaggio of Italy strictly controls standards for the Grana Padano. Wheels of cheese must pass inspection by the Consorzio del Formaggio before they can be called Grana Padano.


        Authentic sourdough baguettes baked using only the age old methods handed down century after century by master bakers. The sourdough process begins with wild yeast spores and ends thirty hours later with fresh savory baguettes. The flavor delicately rolls over your palate and is extremely pleasing; this is the way nature intended sourdough to be.


        Homer named it, “liquid gold”, Hippocrates referred to it as, “the great therapeutic”, at Just Off Melrose we know that 100% pure olive oil gives the Garlic Croutons their heavenly flavor.  This precious oil is imported from Izmir, Turkey, a merchant community nestled on the Aegean Sea. Olive trees have stood for more than a millennia here; soaking up the tranquillity, and bearing their precious fruit.


        Fresh creamery butter gently blended with whole clove garlic accent the Caesar Crisps, Cheese &
Garlic Croutons & Parmesan Chips.


        Imagine the timeless beauty of a brilliant sunset below the Alpini mountains in Milano, Italy. Here the mist rolling down the mountains keeps the temperature of each tomato just right. The taste of the Tuscan Parmesan & Tomato Flatbreads will take you back to the fresh, clean mountains, and painted sunsets of Milano-enjoy them!


        Enjoy Just Off Melrose products right out of the package, top them with smoked salmon, pate, or even your favorite caviar. Bring new life to your soups and salads with any of these savory treasures or simply enjoy them as a snack. However you savor Just Off Melrose products, remember, there is timeless perfection in every delectable crunch! At Just Off Melrose everything does matter, and that makes the products Just the Best!

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